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  • Exported pg.Query which should be used instead of orm.Query.
  • Added pg.DBI which is a DB interface implemented by pg.DB and pg.Tx.




  • Select, Insert, and Update support map[string]interface{}. Select also supports []map[string]interface{}.
var mm []map[string]interface{}
err := db.Model((*User)(nil)).Limit(10).Select(&mm)


  • ORM relations are reworked and now require rel tag option (but existing code will continue working until v11). Supported options:
  • pg:"rel:has-one" - has one relation.
  • pg:"rel:belongs-to" - belongs to relation.
  • pg:"rel:has-many" - has many relation.
  • pg:"many2many:book_genres" - many to many relation.
  • Changed pg.QueryHook to return temp byte slice to reduce memory usage.
  • ,msgpack struct tag marshals data in MessagePack format using
  • Empty slices and maps are no longer marshaled as NULL. Nil slices and maps are still marshaled as NULL.
  • Changed UpdateNotZero to include zero fields with pg:",use_zero" tag. Consider using Model(*map[string]interface{}) for inserts and updates.
  • joinFK is deprecated in favor of join_fk.
  • partitionBy is deprecated in favor of partition_by.
  • ORM shortcuts are removed:
  • db.Select(model) becomes db.Model(model).WherePK().Select().
  • db.Insert(model) becomes db.Model(model).Insert().
  • db.Update(model) becomes db.Model(model).WherePK().Update().
  • db.Delete(model) becomes db.Model(model).WherePK().Delete().
  • Deprecated types and funcs are removed.
  • WhereStruct is removed.


  • pg:",notnull" is reworked. Now it means SQL NOT NULL constraint and nothing more.
  • Added pg:",use_zero" to prevent go-pg from converting Go zero values to SQL NULL.
  • UpdateNotNull is renamed to UpdateNotZero. As previously it omits zero Go values, but it does not take in account if field is nullable or not.
  • ORM supports DistinctOn.
  • Hooks accept and return context.
  • Client respects Context.Deadline when setting net.Conn deadline.
  • Client listens on Context.Done while waiting for a connection from the pool and returns an error when context is cancelled.
  • Query.Column does not accept relation name any more. Use Query.Relation instead which returns an error if relation does not exist.
  • urlvalues package is removed in favor of You can also use struct based filters via Query.WhereStruct.
  • NewModel and AddModel methods of HooklessModel interface were renamed to NextColumnScanner and AddColumnScanner respectively.
  • types.F and pg.F are deprecated in favor of pg.Ident.
  • types.Q is deprecated in favor of pg.Safe.
  • pg.Q is deprecated in favor of pg.SafeQuery.
  • TableName field is deprecated in favor of tableName.
  • Always use pg:"..." struct field tag instead of sql:"...".
  • pg:",override" is deprecated in favor of pg:",inherit".


  • Added QueryContext, ExecContext, and ModelContext which accept context.Context. Queries are cancelled when context is cancelled.
  • Model hooks are changed to accept context.Context as first argument.
  • Fixed array and hstore parsers to handle multiple single quotes (#1235).


  • DB.OnQueryProcessed is replaced with DB.AddQueryHook.
  • Added WhereStruct.
  • orm.Pager is moved to urlvalues.Pager. Pager.FromURLValues returns an error if page or limit params can't be parsed.


  • Read buffer is re-worked. Default read buffer is increased to 65kb.


  • Added Options.MinIdleConns.
  • Options.MaxAge renamed to Options.MaxConnAge.
  • PoolStats.FreeConns is renamed to PoolStats.IdleConns.
  • New hook BeforeSelectQuery.
  • ,override is renamed to ,inherit.
  • Dialer.KeepAlive is set to 5 minutes by default.
  • Added support "scram-sha-256" authentication.


  • Fields ignored with sql:"-" tag are no longer considered by ORM relation detector.


  • Insert, Update, and Delete can return pg.ErrNoRows and pg.ErrMultiRows when Returning is used and model expects single row.


  • db.Model(&strct).Update() and db.Model(&strct).Delete() no longer adds WHERE condition based on primary key when there are no conditions. Instead you should use db.Update(&strct) or db.Model(&strct).WherePK().Update().


  • ?Columns is renamed to ?TableColumns. ?Columns is changed to produce column names without table alias.


  • pg:"fk" tag now accepts SQL names instead of Go names, e.g. pg:"fk:ParentId" becomes pg:"fk:parent_id". Old code should continue working in most cases, but it is strongly advised to start using new convention.
  • uint and uint64 SQL type is changed from decimal to bigint according to the lesser of two evils principle. Use sql:"type:decimal" to get old behavior.


  • CreateTable no longer adds ON DELETE hook by default. To get old behavior users should add sql:"on_delete:CASCADE" tag on foreign key field.


  • types.Result is renamed to orm.Result.
  • Added OnQueryProcessed event that can be used to log / report queries timing. Query logger is removed.
  • orm.URLValues is renamed to orm.URLFilters. It no longer adds ORDER clause.
  • orm.Pager is renamed to orm.Pagination.
  • Support for net.IP and net.IPNet.
  • Support for context.Context.
  • Bulk/multi updates.
  • Query.WhereGroup for enclosing conditions in parentheses.


  • All fields are nullable by default. ,null tag is replaced with ,notnull.
  • Result.Affected renamed to Result.RowsAffected.
  • Added Result.RowsReturned.
  • Create renamed to Insert, BeforeCreate to BeforeInsert, AfterCreate to AfterInsert.
  • Indexed placeholders support, e.g. db.Exec("SELECT ?0 + ?0", 1).
  • Named placeholders are evaluated when query is executed.
  • Added Update and Delete hooks.
  • Order reworked to quote column names. OrderExpr added to bypass Order quoting restrictions.
  • Group reworked to quote column names. GroupExpr added to bypass Group quoting restrictions.


  • Options.Host and Options.Port merged into Options.Addr.
  • Added Options.MaxRetries. Now queries are not retried by default.
  • LoadInto renamed to Scan, ColumnLoader renamed to ColumnScanner, LoadColumn renamed to ScanColumn, NewRecord() interface{} changed to NewModel() ColumnScanner, AppendQuery(dst []byte) []byte changed to AppendValue(dst []byte, quote bool) ([]byte, error).
  • Structs, maps and slices are marshalled to JSON by default.
  • Added support for scanning slices, .e.g. scanning []int.
  • Added object relational mapping.